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London has been bloody pissing me off today.

Here are a few reasons why sometimes I just wish I didnt live in the city:

  • Today on the tube I got elbowed in the head. Twice. Did they apologise? Did they hell.
  • Whenever the wind blows you get so much grit in your eyes you cant see the sights beause you are trying so hard to get it out
  • Passive Agressive thrusting of newspapers/magazines/leaflets. If I wanted a newspaper I wouldnt have my head down and both hands in my pockets
  • If (because I’m a decent person) I rush told hold the doors open because you you decide at the last minute to get off the tube with your pram, and I dont want you to get crushed, please say thank you. I now have oil and dirt all over my hands. You’re welcome.
  • Homeless people by cashpoints. Anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge advocate for getting people off the streets and I give freely to those who need it but I dont need you to make me feel bad for getting my hard earned money out of the cashpoint!
  • The rudeness of people. Seriously, did you need to push in front of me to get on the tube that fraction of a second quicker?!
  • People who shout ‘Can you move down please’ - No I boody cant I’m already squished between crotch man and the woman eating a (very smelly) tuna salad. If you have to ask us to move then there wasnt enough room for you in the first place. Get off the tube and wait - shock horror - 2 minutes for another one!
  • Personal Space. Or lack of it. Stop brushing your crouch against my arse and pretending its the tube moving. Ergh.
  • The windtunnels created by the buildings. My hair and dress do not thank you.
  • The constant beeping of car horns. You are in a traffic jam. Beeping your horn is not going to get you anywhere any quicker!
  • The inability to go anywhere without getting filthy hands and black soot up your nose
  • The distinct lack of fresh air
  • The large number of people that are cooler than me

I feel better. Rant over!


An update on my weekend, it seems recently that not much goes on at all during the week and so all my blogging is about the weekend. I feel like I haven’t been blogging so much recently as well, I don’t know if anyone else finds this to be true?

On Friday I went out with work friends, and it felt like I was a proper Londoner! Going out for a meal and drinks and then getting the last tube home. It was so lovely to feel quite accepted as someone who lives here!

I managed to venture out of the house on Saturday for a little while despite the overwhelming desire to do nothing and just sit on the sofa with a duvet and watch films.

About a month ago I received a newsletter from the Tate Modern stating an event that required 80 amateur/professional  artists to take part in an exhibition. I forwarded the email to a friend of mine who draws beautifully and told her to enter, which she did, managing to secure a place. We decided to go down to see her and also pop in on the Tate Modern while we were down that way.

Circle line was, of course, closed – so we went in search of the replacement bus stop. We passed a group of Zimbabwean protesters outside their embassy, singing and drumming and asking for people to sign petitions against Robert Mugabe. I quite readily signed my name; he is a horrible man who deserves everything that is coming to him.

We eventually managed to get a bus, an old one with the entrance at the back – which was fun :) It dropped us off outside St Pauls, which is magnificent. Leigh and I were discussing how it was left standing after the Blitz and what a triumph it must have been, and it awes you to be near something that has survived so much. A real piece of London in front of you.

We walked down to the river, where my friend was drawing and had been all day, had a talk with her and walked along some more looking at other peoples pieces. The general consensus was that it had been a long day. These people had been drawing and painting from 10.30 until 8. But it was a chance to have their work displayed and that is important.

Leigh and I decided to walk over to the Tate Modern while we were in the area and spent about an hour walking round. We didn’t go to the pay exhibition but still had a nice time feeling cultured. I took some pictures of a few pieces that I liked but I forgot to take down the names of a couple which was very thoughtless of me. I was wondering about security though. There was a Monet there and although there were security cameras if someone wanted to slash through the picture they could have done it before anyone was there to stop them. Art work of that magnitude needs to be protected, it is important to save all pieces of art, scripts, novels, ideas for the future.

When we left and started to walk over the bridge I looked at the skyline of London, with Tower Bridge to my right, and St Pauls and the Gherkin in front of me and I was hit with an overwhelming sense of happiness that this is my home, and it’s so exciting and new with so much possibility. This is where I always dreamed of being when I was younger and coming to London used to make me do a happy dance and feel so small. I felt a part of it all when I looked over and saw the Thames beneath my feet.

London is my home :) 


I was on the tube the other night and across from me a lesbian couple sat, and next to me a man who was asleep.

The train jolted and then man woke up, stared across at the couple and said rather loudly ‘Are you lesbians then?’  to which one of the women replied ‘yes’ and then went back to her conversation. The man continued to talk, looking at the other woman and said ‘Are you a man or a woman then?’ 

I was shocked! So I tutted. (very British) The woman (who was Portuguese) let off a whole stream of words in Portuguese, mostly rude - and then the man said ‘Are you Chinese?’ She said - Why dont you just go back to sleep, you are better off that way - so thats what he did!

He curled up on 2 of the seats on the tube, with his head practically in my lap and went to sleep!! 

What’s wrong with these people! And he smelt.


I'm Cara ♥ A 25 year old who lives in London with my darling boyfriend and adorable cat.

This is my life.....

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