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So my weekend was going well until my purse and phone were stolen from my bag yesterday :(

I was in the queue for Winter Wonderland and there was a big crowd of people and I suppose someone just saw a chance and took it.

It feels horrible – I have never had anything stolen from me before and it made me feel so sick to know that someone had done that. I mean what kind of person does that?!

I can handle the purse being stolen (even though it was a new one) Yes it’s a pain to cancel all my cards and re-order my driving licence, and I lost my Nando’s card(!!!!) and some bits of paper that I’d kept in there as memories, like a note my mum gave me with a packed lunch when I was younger, along with some pictures, but it’s the phone that has upset me the most. All my texts from Leigh were on there as well as pictures and videos. I’ve had the same sim card since I was 14, and I am devastated that I am never going to be able to get special texts back.

Luckily I have phone insurance so I should be able to get a new phone in the next couple of weeks, but not having a phone at the moment is really inconvenient. The same with a bank card – you don’t even realise how much you use it until its gone (and I’m so glad I have done all my Christmas shopping and Leigh’s birthday present has been bought already)

I just still can’t get over someone doing this to another human being. It shows a complete disregard for anyone but themselves and the worst thing is I had £1 in my purse. I lost all of those memories and have to deal with the aftermath for nothing. I know the person will have looked in there, found nothing and just dumped the purse. It makes me so angry!!!

I hope really bad things happen to the person that did this, because Karma is a bitch and it will bite them on the arse.hard.


I feel like I havent really been posting very much at all recently. 

Firstly I would like to say hi to all new followers! you are all brilliant :) I am nearly at 100 which is going to be the best day as everyone likes to know people care about what they post.

I have been ill the last couple of days, just a cold but isnt that always the worst! Anyway it was bad enough I took 2 days off work and mooched around the flat, caught up on my True Blood. I hate that its shown in America first! I bloody love Alexander Skarsgard and have just as much right to see him as everyone

Leigh and I might be doing something else off the London List this weekend so watch this space…. I’m thinking maybe an art gallery, or something cheap as I have no money! 

Also have lost another lb this week which is good! I havent been to the gym as I havent been able to breathe, but I’m back on it next week, at least I know if my muscles are screaming in pain its working!

I have started work again on a forgotten story so we will see how that progresses, well I hope. I have a habit of starting writing and then getting stuck and just leaving them.

It is also only 5 weeks until I go to Portugal!!! I am so excited about this you wouldn’t believe. I haven’t been back in 3 years, and to me it will be like going home. I lived there in 2006 for 8 months and my grandparents also live out there so I have been going since I was a baby. I don’t know why I haven’t been back in so long but it will be so lovely to see all the friends I made out there again. Jumping up and down with excitement!

I feel a bit better having written something, hopefully will have a lovely London List post for you soon :)

Have a good day/evening!


I'm Cara ♥ A 25 year old who lives in London with my darling boyfriend and adorable cat.

This is my life.....

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