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My gym really is something else. You can literally see the girls preening and the men flexing their muscles, they are all so obvious about it! When a class comes out of the studio, the men drop what they are doing and watch all the women walk past. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. And then there is me, trying hard to hide the sweaty mess that I have become.

I literally do not understand the girls that go to the gym and waltz into the changing rooms afterwards with not a drop of sweat on them, make up perfect and not a hair out of place. Either they are not exercising properly or they just have no sweat glands.

When I go into the changing rooms I am dripping with sweat, hair plastered to my skull, and looking like a massive great tomato.

Seriously – how the bloody hell do they do it?!


I was on the tube the other night and across from me a lesbian couple sat, and next to me a man who was asleep.

The train jolted and then man woke up, stared across at the couple and said rather loudly ‘Are you lesbians then?’  to which one of the women replied ‘yes’ and then went back to her conversation. The man continued to talk, looking at the other woman and said ‘Are you a man or a woman then?’ 

I was shocked! So I tutted. (very British) The woman (who was Portuguese) let off a whole stream of words in Portuguese, mostly rude - and then the man said ‘Are you Chinese?’ She said - Why dont you just go back to sleep, you are better off that way - so thats what he did!

He curled up on 2 of the seats on the tube, with his head practically in my lap and went to sleep!! 

What’s wrong with these people! And he smelt.


When has it become acceptable for men to pee against a brick wall, in broad daylight, on a busy road, right outside my work!! I don’t want to see it! Put it away and go find a toilet you filthy man!

I'm Cara ♥ A 25 year old who lives in London with my darling boyfriend and adorable cat.

This is my life.....

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