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So as much as I love my flat we have started to look for new places to live because we want to be nearer to our friends.

We will still be renting though which is a shame because all I really want is my own house that I can decorate and furnish and make beautiful. I basically want a house that looks like this…..

I want a farmhouse kitchen.

I want a beautifully chic bedroom.

I want deep armchairs and fireplaces.

Wide open spaces and clean white lines.

And a lovely garden that I can sip iced tea in.


So I went to Camden today as part of my London List (for non-regular readers the London List is a list of things that my boyfriend and I are going to do around London every weekend)

I have been to Camden before but have not been there in 4 years, so it was quite different to how I remembered. I actually remember it being quite small which shows that I obviously didn’t explore as much as I possibly could because now my view is that it would be so easy to get lost.

There is a jostling of smells to reach the nose first, mostly hot food and incense, but it reminded me a fair bit of Thailand and so in a way the smell for me is one of adventure and travel. I guess finding all the little bits of London is going to be an adventure.

There were so many clothes shops as well, that held so many gorgeous cream and lace dresses. The only thing that makes me sad is that all the dresses seem to be made for tiny people and I’m just not that! But I can look and admire anyway which is ok.

We went to ‘The Stables’ and browsed a section that I adored and am def. going back to when I get paid! It was full of vintage things, suitcases and memorabilia, including some tin signs with London St names on and old Coca Cola adverts to name a few, I might want to get loads of them and cover the big bare wall we have in the flat.

It was a part of London that I enjoyed but I do feel that perhaps it is a place to go to during the week when it wont be as busy. I know that crowds are a given but I did find my patience wearing thin from time to time. Nobody likes to be barged into repeatedly.

The one thing we might go back to do is the canal boat ride (I do love boats!) but I know that there are many other places I could also do this so might be best to try somewhere new so I can absorb all of London.

I think my favourite part of the day may have been getting a slushie though :)

I'm Cara ♥ A 25 year old who lives in London with my darling boyfriend and adorable cat.

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