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I must try not to be so.

By that girl who has nicer hair than me, or that girl who has an amazing dress. I have amazing stuff too. This should be my mantra!

I went to my first ever hen do this weekend and it was pretty good :)

We all dressed up in corsets and tutu’s and had feather headdresses, we looked quite classy in the end which was a surprise! There were about 20 of us and it was a real laugh even though I didn’t know most of them (it was my best friend’s sisters hen do)

It made me think that soon enough all my friends will be entering wedding season and that’s a bit mad! Still if all the hen do’s are that much fun then I am really looking forward to it!

Is it perfectly natural to wish that you were somebody else every day? You know, in that, I wish I had her clothes, I wish my hair was that shiny, I wish my smile was as pearly white and perfectly lipsticked as hers….Why do we feel this way! Really need to start loving what I have. And invest in some red lipstick.


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""If you’re gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty."
— Marilyn Monroe"

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I'm Cara ♥ A 25 year old who lives in London with my darling boyfriend and adorable cat.

This is my life.....

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