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Less than 3 weeks to go now and I am starting to get excited! We have started to get all the things we need and have given the tent an air out as it hasn’t been used in 2 years.

Hopefully the weather will stay like it is at the moment and it wont rain and be muddy but if it does I have my brand new wellies to keep my feet dry!

So…Sorry for all of the cliffhangers and cryptic comments but I couldn’t say anything until it was all finalised!

Leigh and I have found a new place to live and not only is it Pumpkin friendly, close to the tube and near all of our friends but it is a house! A whole house :)

After spending months looking and some thought of trying to buy, we realised pretty quickly that we just didn’t have the cash and so would have to rent, which is annoying but I feel a bit unavoidable in London. Normally it would be a problem because all I want is to have my own house and decorate it which you can’t do in most rented properties but amazingly our new landlady is letting us redecorate the whole place any way we want and it’s all unfurnished which means we can start looking at building our furniture up which is very exciting because we will have things that are ours.

I am so looking forward to having more space, because although our current place is lovely, when friends/family come to stay currently they have to sleep on the floor in the living and if I serve dinner it’s eaten Japanese style around the coffee table which is all very quaint for a little bit but I soon found myself wishing that I could offer people a little bit more.

And we have found a little bit more! Just in case you didn’t get it – we have a house! With a white picket fence outside! There is a lovely sized kitchen and room for a dining room table so no more sitting on the floor and to top it all off there is already a catflap installed in the back door which leads to the ‘low maintenance’ (basically some concrete) garden – but hey, it’s our own outdoor space!, the living room is high ceilinged and a decent size too. Then up the STAIRS to the 2 bedrooms and the bathroom.

At the moment it is a little run down and in high need of a woman’s touch but once I have finished it will be the most lovely house in London. I have already been pulling out the paint swatches trying out different colours and what I think would work best and we have some furniture lined up including a corner sofa which I am nearly as excited about as the house.

Move date is set for 3 weeks time and I am so thrilled by the whole thing. I will of course be posting pictures and a progress report as the whole thing comes together so you can watch the house transform!

I am stamping feet happy :)


So as much as I love my flat we have started to look for new places to live because we want to be nearer to our friends.

We will still be renting though which is a shame because all I really want is my own house that I can decorate and furnish and make beautiful. I basically want a house that looks like this…..

I want a farmhouse kitchen.

I want a beautifully chic bedroom.

I want deep armchairs and fireplaces.

Wide open spaces and clean white lines.

And a lovely garden that I can sip iced tea in.


Ideally it would look like this……

One day I will live somewhere like this and I will be happy every day.

I'm Cara ♥ A 25 year old who lives in London with my darling boyfriend and adorable cat.

This is my life.....

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