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Some of you may have noticed that I have been a bit quiet on here. I am sorry to say that in the end I decided to move my ‘words of wisdom’ over to blogspot.

I had considered running the 2 alongside but I’m too lazy for that! Anyway if you still want to read what I’m up too and everything that happens in my life my new blog address is .

I hope that you will all come on over and thank you to all of my followers on here for being brilliant. xxx 

I’ve made my new blog on blogspot and yet I can’t actually bring myself to post on there. I feel like I am being a traitor to tumblr! 

Although tumblr is more of a picture site and I do more writing but I just feel sad that I will be leaving behind nearly 1000 posts and lots of lovely followers and I just don’t think I can do that!

So instead I might give this one a makeover….. 

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Would be reaching 100 followers!


……clearly I don’t talk about sex enough!

I feel like as its coming up to the end of the year I need a change…..hmmmm. what to go for…..what does everyone think of the new one?

I have been looking at costs and packing tips and countries and travel guides and I am unbelievably excited about Europe!! Even if it is 10 months away I can’t bloody wait!!!

AHHHHHH! SO EXCITED!!!! It’s going to be the best experience :)

Have any of you ‘done’ Europe? Any tips, advice, places to visit? I’d love to hear them.


I always feel like its really personal. Like I’ve done something wrong.

Thank you to everyone who sticks by me :)


where are all my followers going :(


I feel like I havent really been posting very much at all recently. 

Firstly I would like to say hi to all new followers! you are all brilliant :) I am nearly at 100 which is going to be the best day as everyone likes to know people care about what they post.

I have been ill the last couple of days, just a cold but isnt that always the worst! Anyway it was bad enough I took 2 days off work and mooched around the flat, caught up on my True Blood. I hate that its shown in America first! I bloody love Alexander Skarsgard and have just as much right to see him as everyone

Leigh and I might be doing something else off the London List this weekend so watch this space…. I’m thinking maybe an art gallery, or something cheap as I have no money! 

Also have lost another lb this week which is good! I havent been to the gym as I havent been able to breathe, but I’m back on it next week, at least I know if my muscles are screaming in pain its working!

I have started work again on a forgotten story so we will see how that progresses, well I hope. I have a habit of starting writing and then getting stuck and just leaving them.

It is also only 5 weeks until I go to Portugal!!! I am so excited about this you wouldn’t believe. I haven’t been back in 3 years, and to me it will be like going home. I lived there in 2006 for 8 months and my grandparents also live out there so I have been going since I was a baby. I don’t know why I haven’t been back in so long but it will be so lovely to see all the friends I made out there again. Jumping up and down with excitement!

I feel a bit better having written something, hopefully will have a lovely London List post for you soon :)

Have a good day/evening!


I hope every one is feeling happy today and if you’re not then just think some happy thoughts :)


Can’t believe that you all care enough to read what I write :)

Hope you all have a sunshiny day!


ps. For my older followers - thanks for sticking around! you make me happy every time I check my dash :)

Hello :) Don’t think I have ever said thank you for following me! I think I love you all just a little bit.


First off I need to apologise for all the blog spam with my photo challenge, I got a little bit behind and thought I should catch up!

The main reason for my post is what the title says. I have been having a look through tumblr and blog spot and feeling very let down by my own. Everyone elses seems brighter, prettier, more intellegent. It seems the whole point is to try and be witty and funny, cleverly worded and sometimes I do feel like my own writing is clumpy and doesnt seem to have a point.

Ive been on here for 2 weeks now and I have 10 followers, at least 5 who are my friends and I have made them follow To the other 5 I can’t believe that you care enough to see what Im posting, although I feel that after my blog session today I might lose at least 2!

I guess I can only write how I would normally write and hope that it comes across well. The bad thing about this blog is that its distracting me from doing my essay which is due in 8 days. I do a part time course with the Open Uni in Childrens Lit. I can only write my essay at work though because my laptop is slowly dying and needs a new charger or battery, not sure which. Tell me, how would you answer

Rachel Falconer states that ‘it is important that the books and films [young people] read and watch should address the reality of their lives’ (Reader 1, p. 375). Is this view borne out by contemporary writing for children? Discuss with particular reference to three of the Set Books in Block 6.

Blah! Its a bloody nightmare. I was not made to write essays, I hate the bloody things. I used to think that I wanted to be a writer but the older I get the further away it seems that I really will. I just need to sit down, no distractions and bash something out, but between fb, (check it out. its a killer) and tumblr I find myself unable to do anything other than fuck about wasting hours!

What I need is a typewriter! It may just solve all my problems and how perfect would it be to tap away, ping, slide, tap, ping, slide…there was such a style to that era wasnt there?


I'm Cara ♥ A 25 year old who lives in London with my darling boyfriend and adorable cat.

This is my life.....

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