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This is what I feel right now about my OU course. I dont know if its because I’m in my 4th year and it just seems to be endless but my marks seem to be slipping and I lack any sort of motivation, I just want to finish studying now.

I’ve got an exam in June as well and I am dreading that. Part of me wants to take a couple of years off and come back to it but I know if I do that then I will never finish.

Bleugh it’s just taking such a long time!!!


Just handed in my first essay for my reading and studying literature course!

It’s been easier because I’ve literally just finished a course and plunged into this one so I’ve still got some good habits when it comes to essay writing, although I still tend to leave it until the last minute. The questions, word count and context have become a fair bit harder though. The leap from Lv 1 courses to Lv 2 is quite large. I dont remember the jump from Lv 2 to Lv 3 being quite so difficult. I like that I have seen a mixture of all the courses in the wrong order though, at least I vaguely know what to expect and dropping to a Lv 1 course was lovely after harder work.

So my essay was on Othello and the language used which I found quite tricky, I am not a fan of Shakespeare or plays particularly but I know that these are good skills to learn. I am quite happy with the essay, although I always worry about the first one as the tutor is new and getting used to your style of writing, I’ve been really lucky with the last 2 tutors – I just hope that I never have a tutor like my first year one again – she was horrible and nearly made me want to give up on writing which a teacher should never do.

My biggest worry with this course is the written exam, I always did quite well but that was 7 years ago!  It’s a 3hr exam as well so not really a walk in the park, but its in June and later that month I’m going to Glastonbury so it will be a nice reward!

Starting to look towards my next essay question now which includes looking at ‘contexts of European colonisation and exploration’ – Nobody said this was going to be easy!

I got a C in my essay which although is a pass and isnt awful - is not as much as I was expecting being a 3rd year student. 

I have a feeling that the lower word count actually hindered me because I struggled to get everything I wanted to say in to 500 words. I need to work on tightening my sentences up and not rambling.

My next assignment is to re-work my last essay so hopefully I can draw upon the comments the tutor made and hopefully improve.

Ah well - still 6 more assignments to go - hopefully I’ll get better :)


I’ve finally started! I’ve got 11 days to write 2 x 500 word essays. Loads of time!

If only I didn’t love procrastination. 


Far too much to be doing and not really anytime to be writing this but dont want to be letting this slide like I do my diary.

The weekend was stupidly epic without even trying to be! Friday night it took me about 5hrs to get from Cardiff to London when it was meant to take 3 so got in really late, and then Saturday we went to Ikea and spent lots of money making my new house look pretty :) Which by the way is a really lovely place. Carpets instead of wood so a lot warmer than my place now! and a lovely big kitchen so I can be a pretend wife and bake. Did I just set feminism back?

Lion King was brilliant, I got told off twice for trying to take pictures and I didnt even get any!! Stupid camera was acting up and I am clearly not stealth enough. Afterwards we went to meet to friends and ended up at this abandoned tabacco factory which had a mad night on, which we were convinced was illegal but had a good night anyway, the music wasnt half bad and we got in for free so win!

Once again the night buses in London managed to confuse the hell out of us all and so we finally managed to get to my boyfriends dad’s flat at 5.30am. We crashed out and woke up early to try and avoid the marathon crowds, which would have worked if we hadnt of been lazy and watched some from the living room window, so we had to work our way through the crowds anyway but it was a nice day and everyone was happy so it wasnt too bad at all :)

Back in Cardiff and I need to be cracking on with my essay, I got the word count done and now just need to review it and change half of it no doubt! Also have to pack tonight for my holiday as Im back down in London tomorrow and then Greece on Saturday!!! Very excited! Havent had a holiday since 2009 when I went to China. Its gonna be a good ‘un!


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