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I’m dancing on my bed to One Direction. That’s right, I’ve become 14 again.


I have been getting out and about in London a lot recently, not doing cultured trips anywhere but exploring the night life.

It seems that London night buses aren’t as horrific as first imagined and as long as you plan ahead can be alright, knowing your route and keeping it written down!  I even took a bag of crisps with me saving money on fast food at 4am when I got a bit peckish. Sometimes my own organisational skills scare me :)

Anyway I have been out to live Caribbean music nights, Chinese Karaoke nights, D’n’B mental nights. And despite getting in at 6am and feeling like complete shite the next day I feel like I am actually embracing London life and I can’t wait for summer, longer evenings  and hanging picnics in parks

Leigh and I have also decided to stay in our flat for another year, so for the first time in 3 years I wont have to pack up all my stuff and move, and I can start to really make the place seem like home and become settled.

Spring is on its way and I can’t wait for the rest of this year!


listening to a bit of Dire Straits, dancing round my kitchen, making peanut butter cookies :)

I’m going to look into taking swing classes! Excited!! 


I really want to join a swing dance class and learn the Lindy Hop but I have nobody to go with and I’m a bit scared!

I have no problem talking to new people but dancing in front of them……hmmmm.

Should I just do it?!


Electro Swing R’n’B - No Jokes. Just blew my mind slightly.



play any song to this gif.

you are welcome.

My new favourite genre! Listen. You wont regret it!

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How I feel right now :)

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