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Oh My God. My heart.

We like to cook together :)

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So I haven’t been able to tell a soul on here which has been really difficult – I have been planning the kitten surprise for Leigh’s birthday for the last 2 months and all I wanted to do was talk about it!

It has been so hard keeping such a massive secret from Leigh and I almost dropped the ball on a couple of occasions to have my best friend cover for me and say she was getting a kitten. It was so hard not to slip up when it was all I could think about but when the time came he didn’t have a clue and I relished in telling him about all the times when I had asked a question about what colour kitten he would like ‘if we ever got one’.

I woke up earlier and wrapped her super stylish oxblood coloured carrier basket to make it look like a big present, before coming up with some excuse about going for coffee with Mum and my brother’s girlfriends. We drove over to pick her up and I was so nervous, I couldn’t quite believe after all the planning it was finally happening. On the way back she was mewing slightly so I got her  out and let her sit on my lap, although she was trying to run all over the place, I dont think she likes cars too much. I told her that she wasn’t allowed to make a sound when I took her into Leigh or she would ruin the surprise. I got my brothers to make sure he was in the conservatory and I walked through with her (she didn’t make a sound!)

I think he was so taken aback by the whole situation + being filmed that he wasn’t as shocked or excited as I thought he might be – it’s only been in the last couple of days that he has got excited and said last night ‘I cant believe she is ours, I keep thinking we are going to have to give her back to someone!’ So out she crawled from her carrier and Leigh was having a cuddle. I said he got to name her as it was his birthday present (It was a very early b’day present as it isn’t until December) So we were banding some names about and he said ‘she’s such a little pumpkin’ and we thought that really works! So Pumpkin she is!

My dad offered to drive us back with all of the stuff that I had bought for her, and we all bundled into the car. She started making a racket again about half way there so I took her out and this time she feel fast asleep on my lap covered by my scarf. We got her into the flat and she set about exploring every inch while we chased behind her plugging up all the holes – like behind the back of the wardrobe and the freezer and tidying wires up.

I still cant believe that we have a cat! It was a big deal for me as it signified a move forward in our relationship as they really aren’t just for Christmas. My other cat, the one that lives with my parents I got when I was 5yrs old and she is 20 now and still going strong. So this was a big commitment to Leigh which I’m happy to make.

I have become one of those people though, I think I am destined to rush home and never go out ever again. I hate that I have to leave her alone all day in the house whilst we are at work, although she has already been littered trained so I came home last night to a very clean house and a very sleepy kitten so she must be ok. We left Radio 1 on for her yesterday and Leigh also put it on at work so he could listen to what she could hear and he kept texting me what songs she was listening to. It is safe to say that he is absolutely besotted with her and thinks she is the best thing in the world.

I think she is too - she is adorable. She spends most of her time sleeping and playing but I just cant get enough of her!

I can only apologise for the photo spam that will most probably ensue, I am just so excited about my little family :)

I need him in my life!

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This may just be the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life…..


play any song to this gif.

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