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So for my birthday Leigh bought me afternoon tea at the Savoy, which was on the London list and one of the things that I really wanted to do when I moved down here.

Although my birthday was a month ago we couldn’t get a reservation until May but we went on a Sunday at 5.30 which I actually think is the perfect time to go to tea!

Everything screams elegance from the second you walk through the door to the polished marble floors, glittering chandeliers and attentive staff.

We were shown to our seats when we arrived, although they were armchairs rather than seats and we were given a menu with 30 different types of tea - I chose Vanilla Black and Leigh had Assam Gold which they bought out to us in beautiful silver pots with silver tea strainers.

Then they bought out the sandwich and cake tiers. 5 different kinds of finger sandwiches - salmon and cream cheese, coronation chicken, cucumber, wiltshire bone ham and mustard and egg mayo. I don’t even like egg mayo but I figured if I’m going to have it anywhere I should have it at the Savoy and it actually wasn’t half bad.


We were allowed to refill the sandwiches as many times as we wanted so we refilled them twice and then had a fruit scone with fresh clotted cream and strawberry jam and a plain scone which I put lemon cream on, they were very good.

When we were eating they started to play Happy Birthday on the piano and they bought me out a special cake for my Birthday which was really sweet :)


We were starting to feel quite full but then the bought out even more cake! 6 different kinds in fact, and they said we could have as many types as we wanted so we both chose 3 different types - I had a strawberry & pistachio tart, a mint macaroon and a peach cake. Leigh had a salted hazelnut cake with gold flakes, a chocolate cake and a strawberry tart as well.


Whilst we were eating the cake they also out more fresh tea and once we had finished the brought out even more cake!

I don’t know how we managed to eat the raspberry and pistachio cake that we picked because by this point I was SO full!


I have to say I felt that I expected the service to be slightly better. Not that they weren’t attentive because they did serve us and they were attentive but there were long periods where nobody came to see us but perhaps that is because we are a couple so they left us alone.

The whole day was really beautiful and the setting was perfect. I would really encourage everyone to do this. I don’t think it was cheap - because its a birthday present I don’t know how much it was but I think it was probably worth every penny.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to eat cake again though, we had so much!


Oh and ps. How amazing is this bathroom!


She wont sit on me all week and then the minute I have an essay to write there she is! It’s like she knows I’d rather be doing anything else then write about the representation of colonies….

I just cant seem to find the motivation to do my essay. I know it need to be done but I am just tired of being at Uni now.

It’s been 4 years and still another 2 to go and I just want it to be over so I don’t have to worry about another essay again!

Plus I went to class and as usual they were all so pretentious and quoting Jane Austen at each other. There was wine though. That made it slightly bearable. 

Just need to keep the mantra ‘It will be worth it!!!’


I have just declared my degree.

I am now officially working towards my BA (Honours) English Literature degree :)


Really enjoying reading this, it’s very cleverly written. Enjoying sentences like ‘did you know childhood is the only time in our lives when insanity is not only permitted to us, but expected?’

I’ve finally started! I’ve got 11 days to write 2 x 500 word essays. Loads of time!

If only I didn’t love procrastination. 


I have another class tonight :)

The last one was really interesting - have I already posted about this? I seem to have lost track of my tumblr recently.

If I haven’t written about it, we discussed Cleopatra and her reputation. How reputation can be built and changed and how actually she was probably a very nice woman who was unfairly portrayed by the opposing side. 

If I have written about it ignore the above!

It was actually really enjoyable to be learning again and I’m looking forward to getting to grips with Dr Faustus tonight.

I do need to make a start on my essay though - it isn’t awful, 500 words on Cleo and 500 on Faustus. It’s just writing that first sentence and getting started.


Have my first class today, I am officially a student again, which has its bonus/negative points.

Bonus: I’m working towards a degree and studying a subject I am interested in

Negative: I have to study, and do essays and basically meet deadlines, which I am ridiculously bad at.

I have just started reading my set book (which I should have already read probably) for this section and it’s  Dr Faustus. Which is a play. Which is written in Shakespearean English. Which is bloody hard to read. In fact it’s my least favourite form of text and here I am trying to make sense of the bloody thing. So I did what every person with a brain would do and I googled the Synopsis. Apparently it’s about a man who turns to magic and sells his soul. I just hate the stop and start  effect reading plays has, it makes it hard to get into.

My first essay is going to be so hard to get into after a 6 month break from learning, but I’ve got all my course books so I’m set up to be a model student. Ha!

Busy girl this evening with work, gym and then school. I feel good about filling my life with things and I’m even starting to not hate the gym as much! I had a personal trainer session the other day and he talked to me about what’s best to do for what I want to achieve. Rowing is one of the main things, although not rowing like I would do it, actually setting a pace boat and trying to go as fast and hard as possible, I think he took glee in every drop of sweat, evil man! But it will be worth it.


is the course that I have decided to do next. Should hopefully have a place and be starting on the 1st October.

It will be essays again but I think it is good for me to stick with what I have just been doing as I will have the essay knowledge in my head.

Quite excited!


I had a look at my options for finishing my degree today and I still have another 4 courses to do with open uni before I can say I have a degree in English Lit (hopefully!)

I was going to take a year out, but as each course takes about a year this is no longer going to be a good idea as its already going to take me 4years now anyway.

So now I have to decide if I’m going to do Advanced Creative Writing - I’ve already completed and received a foundation in Creative Writing so this is a good progression, or Nineteenth Century Novels which will be essay based and I just spent a year doing essays when I completed my Children’s Literature so I’m in the right mind frame. What does everyone think?


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