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So for my birthday Leigh bought me afternoon tea at the Savoy, which was on the London list and one of the things that I really wanted to do when I moved down here.

Although my birthday was a month ago we couldn’t get a reservation until May but we went on a Sunday at 5.30 which I actually think is the perfect time to go to tea!

Everything screams elegance from the second you walk through the door to the polished marble floors, glittering chandeliers and attentive staff.

We were shown to our seats when we arrived, although they were armchairs rather than seats and we were given a menu with 30 different types of tea - I chose Vanilla Black and Leigh had Assam Gold which they bought out to us in beautiful silver pots with silver tea strainers.

Then they bought out the sandwich and cake tiers. 5 different kinds of finger sandwiches - salmon and cream cheese, coronation chicken, cucumber, wiltshire bone ham and mustard and egg mayo. I don’t even like egg mayo but I figured if I’m going to have it anywhere I should have it at the Savoy and it actually wasn’t half bad.


We were allowed to refill the sandwiches as many times as we wanted so we refilled them twice and then had a fruit scone with fresh clotted cream and strawberry jam and a plain scone which I put lemon cream on, they were very good.

When we were eating they started to play Happy Birthday on the piano and they bought me out a special cake for my Birthday which was really sweet :)


We were starting to feel quite full but then the bought out even more cake! 6 different kinds in fact, and they said we could have as many types as we wanted so we both chose 3 different types - I had a strawberry & pistachio tart, a mint macaroon and a peach cake. Leigh had a salted hazelnut cake with gold flakes, a chocolate cake and a strawberry tart as well.


Whilst we were eating the cake they also out more fresh tea and once we had finished the brought out even more cake!

I don’t know how we managed to eat the raspberry and pistachio cake that we picked because by this point I was SO full!


I have to say I felt that I expected the service to be slightly better. Not that they weren’t attentive because they did serve us and they were attentive but there were long periods where nobody came to see us but perhaps that is because we are a couple so they left us alone.

The whole day was really beautiful and the setting was perfect. I would really encourage everyone to do this. I don’t think it was cheap - because its a birthday present I don’t know how much it was but I think it was probably worth every penny.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to eat cake again though, we had so much!


Oh and ps. How amazing is this bathroom!


So I only went and turned 25 which is quite frankly a little bit too grown up for my liking!

I had a lovely weekend, surrounded by all my closest friends – I had a small party with a kids party theme the day before, so I made a pass the parcel and party bags and there was jelly and cake and ice-cream. All the fun things in life.

We went out into Camden in the evening and had a dance until 3 in the morning before heading home.

On my birthday the sun came out for about 5 minutes so in typical British fashion we had a BBQ and drank some more. It was a really chilled day which was quite nice after the amount I had drunk the previous day!

Present wise: Leigh bought me a ticket for afternoon tea at the Savoy, which will be beautiful and my one of my best friends got me tickets to see Singing in the Rain which will be fantastic! I also got a lovely patchwork quilt, cookbooks, baking things, a mug, photo frame, a slate kitchen sign, necklace,  vase, beads for my bracelet and my mother stitched me a cross-stitch picture. They are all very grown up presents and I love that.

I know it sounds ridiculous but I just can’t believe that I am 25. I remember being 13 and thinking that 18 was grown up and that I would be married with a baby by the time I was 25 which hasn’t happened at all!

And do I feel any different than I did on Saturday? Probably not although I did ask Leigh if I have any wrinkles. He said no. He is well trained.

Here’s to being grown up!


Can’t wait for summer to get here!

London has been bloody pissing me off today.

Here are a few reasons why sometimes I just wish I didnt live in the city:

  • Today on the tube I got elbowed in the head. Twice. Did they apologise? Did they hell.
  • Whenever the wind blows you get so much grit in your eyes you cant see the sights beause you are trying so hard to get it out
  • Passive Agressive thrusting of newspapers/magazines/leaflets. If I wanted a newspaper I wouldnt have my head down and both hands in my pockets
  • If (because I’m a decent person) I rush told hold the doors open because you you decide at the last minute to get off the tube with your pram, and I dont want you to get crushed, please say thank you. I now have oil and dirt all over my hands. You’re welcome.
  • Homeless people by cashpoints. Anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge advocate for getting people off the streets and I give freely to those who need it but I dont need you to make me feel bad for getting my hard earned money out of the cashpoint!
  • The rudeness of people. Seriously, did you need to push in front of me to get on the tube that fraction of a second quicker?!
  • People who shout ‘Can you move down please’ - No I boody cant I’m already squished between crotch man and the woman eating a (very smelly) tuna salad. If you have to ask us to move then there wasnt enough room for you in the first place. Get off the tube and wait - shock horror - 2 minutes for another one!
  • Personal Space. Or lack of it. Stop brushing your crouch against my arse and pretending its the tube moving. Ergh.
  • The windtunnels created by the buildings. My hair and dress do not thank you.
  • The constant beeping of car horns. You are in a traffic jam. Beeping your horn is not going to get you anywhere any quicker!
  • The inability to go anywhere without getting filthy hands and black soot up your nose
  • The distinct lack of fresh air
  • The large number of people that are cooler than me

I feel better. Rant over!


So after being at our flat in Wembley for 2 years in April next year we have decided it is time to move on.

We would like to be nearer our friends on the other side of London and also near things full stop. We live in a housing part of town and there aren’t even any pubs around, not to mention a complete lack of fried chicken shops!

I’ve started looking around, although this may not have been the best idea because I keep seeing houses that I really like the look of! I just wanted to get an idea of what is out there. Our spec has changed since getting Pumpkin, I want a 2 bed house with a garden, as it would be really nice to have the space and to be able to offer our guests somewhere to sleep but we would have to be stretched for cash every month if we did that unless we moved right out of town. So I might have to settle for either a bigger 1 bed flat or a 2 bed flat, although we now need it def to be a ground floor flat with a garden (preferably) so that we can let kitten out. Not being near a busy road is also something we will have to take into consideration.

We are also planning on going unfurnished so that we can start building up our furniture and we have been offered a sofa and a bed to get us started. My brain is instantly screaming at me ‘Go online and look at home products!’ which is one of my favourite past times but I need to be sensible, although I am secretly planning how the house is going to look.

I am actually very excited about moving, although I will miss my beautiful big kitchen - something else on the spec. I need a nice kitchen! 

We are going to start looking in Feb time and I cant wait!!!


oh you beaut.

I was on the tube the other night and across from me a lesbian couple sat, and next to me a man who was asleep.

The train jolted and then man woke up, stared across at the couple and said rather loudly ‘Are you lesbians then?’  to which one of the women replied ‘yes’ and then went back to her conversation. The man continued to talk, looking at the other woman and said ‘Are you a man or a woman then?’ 

I was shocked! So I tutted. (very British) The woman (who was Portuguese) let off a whole stream of words in Portuguese, mostly rude - and then the man said ‘Are you Chinese?’ She said - Why dont you just go back to sleep, you are better off that way - so thats what he did!

He curled up on 2 of the seats on the tube, with his head practically in my lap and went to sleep!! 

What’s wrong with these people! And he smelt.


i liked tea more. I feel very un-british not liking it!

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